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Caregiver & Me:

Tiny Toes & Tiny Tumblers

Share great moments with your little one by engaging directly with them in their dance class.

Tiny Toes: This early childhood dance class is for you to share with your toddler through movement and rhythm. Our Tiny Toes & Me curriculum allows your child to develop basic musicality and movement and is the best first step in your child’s dance education.

Tiny Tumblers: Interact and engage in tumbling, flexibility, and strength exercises through songs, bubble play, and mat work.

Schedule: Sept 2022 - January 2023

Tiny Toes & Me (Ages 1.5-4)

Tiny Tumblers & Me (Ages 1.5-4)

For Preschoolers:

Creative & Pre-Ballet

These classes introduce rudimentary ballet as well as freer forms of movement. The classes are devoted to developing their bodies, their imaginations and their musicality. By learning dance exercises and using dance games, they develop a dance vocabulary and technique that feels natural to them. Their introduction into the world of dance is a happy and rewarding experience that enhances the child’s self-confidence.

Schedule: Sept 2022 - June 2023

Creative Movement (Ages 3-5)

Combination Classes:

Ballet & Tap and Jazz & Tap

Classes in tap are given in combination with ballet or jazz. They develop the ease of movement and variety inherent in these dance forms. Children thrill at their own ability to both copy and to create rhythms.

Schedule: Sept 2022 - June 2023

Ballet & Tap (Ages 5-7)

Jazz & Tap II (Ages 7-13)

Hip Hop / Street Styles:

Our urban-based dance forms teach students a more grounded movement style. Hip Hop culture, with its origin in our very own NYC, began on the streets of the Bronx and flourished to become an addition to dance studios all over the world. Street Jazz has its roots in Hip Hop dance, and borrows some of the stylistic and technical elements presented in Jazz.

Ballet & Pointe:

The ballet classes are graded technique classes developed to increase strength, flexibility, musicality, and athleticism. Beginning with progressive barre work, students prepare to execute combinations center floor with skill, grace and precision. It is a great challenge, both physically and mentally. Pointe classes will be offered to those who are ready for the vigorous demands of pointe work (to be determined by the teacher).

The description for ballet classes for children between the ages of 3 and 6 may be found on the Preschoolers page and Combination page.

NOTE: Intermediate students take at least two classes weekly. Students in pointe preparation must take at least three ballet classes weekly.


This dance form, popular on Broadway and television, is taught in varying styles (Theater, Lyrical, Latin, etc.) Classes begin with isolation techniques and stretch exercises, building flexibility and strength in preparation for center floor combinations.

It is recommended that jazz students take a ballet class weekly to supplement training.


In this truly American dance form, classes consist of basic technique using footwork to create combinations of movement and sound. Students use their feet as the instrument to create music and rhythm.


With a foundation rooted in classic technical forms such as Ballet, Modern and Jazz. Contemporary dance brings a conceptual approach to movement. Dancers in these classes will utilize all their technical training to develop as artists.

Open Adult Classes:

We currently offer Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop Open Adult classes!

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