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Forest Hills Safe Studio Practices

Keeping our students and faculty safe and healthy is our highest priority. The following safety practices were created with the CDC, State & local health / safety guidelines in mind to make sure we can provide a safe learning environment during our return to in person dance instruction.


We are proud to announce that our entire faculty is fully vaccinated!



As part of Key to NYC, proof of vaccination is required for everyone ages 12+ that take in person dance classes. As part of the mandate, all students ages 18+ will also be required to show ID.



Masks or face coverings are required within the facility for everyone ages 2+. This includes during class, as well as entering and exiting the studio. We will give additional breaks throughout the class as needed.

Please note that this may change to be optional for vaccinated students dependent on the state of COVID.



The waiting room will be closed to parents, families and visitors at this time. Parents are welcome to wait in their vehicle or socially distance outside of the building.



Class sizes will still be limited to a maximum of 8 students per class. Please note that may change during the session dependent on the state of COVID.



All students and faculty must wash hands and/or use hands sanitizer upon entering and exiting the facility. Two touch-less hand sanitizer stations are located within the studio.



  • Upon entry, students will be brought to their own socially distanced chair in the studio where they can change their shoes and leave their belongings.
  • During class students should remain 6 feet apart at all times. The room has been marked with 5 x 6 ft socially distanced squares, with an additional 1 – 2 feet in between each square. Students will remain within these squares throughout class.



Students will be encouraged to arrive already dressed for class and should limit their belongings to one bag.



Please use restroom before entering the studio as Restrooms are to be used for emergencies only. Both bathrooms have a HEPA air purifier.



No shared props will be used during class.



The studio will be thoroughly cleaned daily.



Each classroom has been outfitted with two HEPA air purifiers.



  • Students should be dropped off by the front door, already dressed for class. Waiting areas are now closed to parents.
  • Students will be allowed to enter the studio approx. 5 minutes before class begins.
  • Upon arrival, students will have their temperature taken with a touch-less thermometer and will be given hand sanitizer. Students will then be brought to their own chair in the studio where they can change their shoes and leave their belongings, and then brought to their socially distanced area to dance in.
  • After class, students will return to the chair they were assigned upon entering the studio to get their belongings together and change their shoes. Students will then be escorted out of the building to their parents by the front door.



We will comply with NY state guidance.



Students can now attend live classes via Zoom. We stream each in person class to allow students and parents maximum flexibility. We encourage any parent to use the virtual option if they don’t feel comfortable with in-person classes.

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